Arctic Expeditions

2014 Arctic Expedition with Joe Henderson

Joe Henderson and his team of malamutes explore some of the world’s most pristine lands, including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The purpose of the expeditions is to explore the vast expanses of Alaska’s North Slope country, view the unique wildlife, and experience raw adventure. Additionally, Joe records snow depth and ground condition data along with photographical documentation of an otherwise undocumented landscape in wintertime to benefit scientific research and provide a reference for future generations.

Joe has spent over 32 winters in Alaska’s backcountry with his malamutes and has yet to see it all.  To quote Joe, “I’ve mushed tens of thousands of miles in Alaska’s arctic and have only seen a portion of it.  It would take two-hundred years to cover it all.  I just wish I had two, maybe three lifetimes to explore it.”


Would you like to join Joe and the team on an Arctic Expedition?

Every few years, Joe welcomes clients to share his arctic experience.  It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you are interested in accompanying him, please contact us for more details and availability. 

Package prices include 1-day orientation, meals, extreme cold weather gear/clothing, snowshoes, a heated tent for each individual (or couple if you prefer), sleeping bags and pads, first aid supplies.

Our expeditions provide an opportunity for a hands-on experience in self-reliance.  Each individual (or couple) is responsible for setting up and taking down their own tent, cooking their own meals, and gathering firewood.

These are genuine expeditions that require physical stamina and mental endurance.  The dog team is there to transport your gear and supplies, giving you ample freedom to explore the arctic wilderness on snowshoes or skis.  Expeditions will be tailored to each group’s abilities.



Reserved for scientific research, film crews, and exploration crews.
2000 lb. weight limit. Pricing negotiable. Please contact us for more information.