New Winter Expedition!!


Join us on our exciting excursion into the wilds of Alaska!  This is a three day expedition that provides a memorable adventure for all.  Experience a combination of dogsledding, winter camping and cross-country skiing in a truly remote and beautiful setting.  We will kick-off our expedition in late November so be prepared to bring your cameras along. There's an excellent chance to see the northern lights!!

We run the expeditions like the old pioneers did…the dogs haul the gear and supplies, we ski and/or snowshoe ahead, so you definitely want to come prepared to be active all day. That said, there will be an opportunity to catch a ride on the dog sled or stand on the runners of our enthusiastic and large team of Alaskan malamutes.

We can to a certain extent, adjust the expeditions to your physical abilities. We provide some of the cold weather gear and clothing (parkas, coveralls,) as well as snowshoes, heated tents, sleeping bags and pads, and first aid gear. There is very little of your own gear you need to bring along.

 I'll kick off the expedition with an orientation to get you familiarized with camp life (how to set up the tents and stoves, gather firewood, cook meals, etc) and then you will be basically responsible for doing those things for yourself for the duration of the expedition. By the way, everyone gets their own tent! You will definitely love the dogs. They are amazingly strong and friendly.

Expedition dates are reserved as first come first served late November thru January 7th.

Costs include heavy winter gear, groceries, heated tent and camping gear.

This is your opportunity for a shortened trip so act now to reserve your spot!!
These expeditions will fill fast!!