January 3, 2013

Big Ben’s Golden Opportunity

Finally, after waiting his chance to join the team, the time has come for our Ben to hit the trail with the rest of guys and gals of Team Malamute for the 2013 expedition. 


With paws larger than my arms and a young, hormonal body full of adrenalin to pull, Ben is a handful, to say the least, especially since he thinks my caribou fur parka is a chew toy.


Of course there’s always that smack-on-the-lips token of gratitude from a malamute for letting him join the team.  I’ve got my work cut out for me this season, as does Ben.  But no doubt, he will come home in the spring, a changed man.



  • Rose Wise

    He looks Wonderfull !!! Such a Handsome Guy!! Just like his parents!!

  • LauraB

    Yup, we’ve a big girl like that. Such a delicate kisser, too. Surprising how such large creatures can be so tender in some ways and absolute monsters in others! I cannot wait to learn more about Ben’s work…

  • http://www.oregonmalamutes.com Christy

    such a gorgeous boy!!! cant wait to hear about him on the expedition will be a fun read :)

  • Janice

    What a stunningly HUGE mal & gorgeous on top of that. My girl is 124lb & looks like a peanut compared to him. Can’t wait to tune in to your new adventures. Thanks for sharing all that you & your pups do.

  • http://sleddogadventures.com Kathy Lenniger

    Best of luck for a season with sunny skies and tight lines. You are amazing !

  • christine

    How much does he weight??