August 23, 2009

Taking Candy From A Baby

       Don’t these cuties look like they deserve a treat?  We thought so.



“What is this?  What are we supposed to do with it?”



“Mmmm, smells pretty good.”






Even though Melvin had a treat too, he ate his much faster than these little gals.  But you can bet he was waiting right there for a golden opportunity to steal their snack!



This puppy is too smart for that game.  She’s sleeping with one eye open!


    • Kathy

      Looks like she’s saying I’ve got my eye on you big guy. These pups look pretty smart already.

    • mulan88

      The photos are so picture perfect. Its so funny how they can guard their treats as they nap. Looking forward to more adventures please.

    • Nyyti Vallenius

      Ohhh, CUTENESS…
      I would LOVE to get a puppy from you at some point, even though I live about as far away as one can imagine (Finland! I bet you’ve never heard of it… well, the climate resembles yours – and that of Siberia – fairly closely.) I currently own two Malamutes, one of whom is an import from Michigan, and an Akita Inu. We do LOTS together from Obedience and Agility to showing and sledding. Are you by any chance planning a litter for next summer/autumn?

    • Rikke

      I really enjoyed your speach at the seminar in Norway, exotic pictures and and good humour speach:) Good luck with the expeditions to come- Rikke