August 20, 2009

Melvin’s Best Game Face

 If there’s one thing Melvin has mastered, it’s a perfect snarl.  He does it whenever he plays with another dog.  His cunning skills eventually rub off on the younger pups and they end up doing it, too. 


Oskar eggs him on!



Kisses usually get him going…



There he goes…






How can such a cute dog make such a horrible face?  hahaha…





This expression kind of says “don’t bug me” but at the same time “let’s play.”  What’s a pup to think?


  • mulan88

    Oskar is really so playful! It’s looks so fun to have lots of puppy activities there. Melvin sure has a good set of teeth! hehehe

  • Kathy

    What fun Oskar is having loving on Melvin. It looks like Melvin has a few gray whiskers and probably earned all of them.