August 6, 2009

Malamute of the Month – Moose

Our Malamute of the Month for August is our beloved Moose. He is a very big boy (well over 100 lbs.) with a thick, dirty blonde coat. The hair on his mask covers his one eye that he lost in a mushing accident in the arctic many years ago. The loss of his eye sure didn’t slow him down any. When he’s working in the team, he’s a strong guy who pulls with a lot of heart and focuses on the terrain and conditions better than most dogs with two eyes! He is very loyal and driven. When he’s not in the team, Moose bounces off the walls. He’s a high energy guy who can only be tamed by major doses of exercise.

If Moose were a human, he’d be the intense, hyper guy at the gym. His endless energy astonishes everyone around him and his fiercely competitive (yet sportsmanlike) nature inspires his peers to be their best.



  • Kathy

    You go Moose!!!!