June 6, 2009

Malamute of the Month – Farmer

FarmerFarmer is our Malamute of the Month for June.  He has a handsome red and white coat, a debonair personality, and a set of big brown puppy dog eyes to die for.  He loves attention and will do anything to get in front of a camera.  He knows he’s gorgeous.

 He is also a brawny fella with a real lust for life.  His massive size and strength make him valuable as a wheel dog on the expedition team.  However, he is so intelligent and spry, he has also become a top-notch leader.  It’s a kick to watch him run in lead position, towering over his smaller counterparts.  But, he loves it and he does an excellent job. 

 If Farmer were human, he’d be like the handsome and talented quarterback of the high school football team.  He would be the guy who everyone likes because he is genuinely fun to be around.