August 28, 2009

Amazing Grace

We finally sent most of the pups home with their new loving families, but things haven’t slowed down a bit on the puppy front!  We kept two pups from this litter.


  GRACE                                                                 RED



They get to hang out with Oskar all day.  They are happy to see us when we get home.  They like to come in the house and irritate Melvin.



And tonight they succeeded.



Melvin just wanted to play quietly with his moose, so the kids got scolded by the cranky old guy. 



But that didn’t stop them from roughing each other up!



“Look!  I can fit Grace’s whole head in my mouth.”



But what Oskar didn’t know is that Grace can hold her own! 



“I may be smaller than you, but I’ll still take you down, buddy!”


Yup, she’s going to be keeping these two boys in check! ;)


    • goodbear

      oh…you should have a license to post pictures like that! too cute!!! what great dogs.

    • mulan88

      Hi there!
      Hope you had a good trip. Grace and Red are really nice names for these puppies. They have more play time with Oskar and Melvin. The photos are really adorable. Looking forward to more of their adventures. =)